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Andrew has always been fascinated with alternative ways of thinking and doing things. After he graduated from William Paterson University with honors and worked in the world of office technology for several years, he finally had his first acupuncture treatment. He liked the atmosphere of his acupuncturist’s office so much that he quit his technical job and went back to graduate school to study at the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


At school he learned that acupuncture was not such a new and profound way of thinking; it was actually quite ancient and simple in logic. He still likes to think that he applies the trouble shooting skills he learned as a technician to his interest in figuring out what ails his patients.

Andrew understands the discomfort of back pain, which is what originally lead him and several relatives to seek alternative care. It was a senior intern at his school who convinced him that this medicine could actually do something to physically alter the body, not just put you in a good mood.


Andrew takes a well-rounded approach to his treatment style and incorporates a hands-on approach to his patients. After the acupuncture is done he typically likes using a combination of acupressure, massage, cupping, and joint manipulation commonly seen in physical therapy departments. He also likes to recommend activities the patient can do in their own time to help strengthen their bodies. His specialties revolve around any kind of joint pain which almost 70% of his patients have when they seek acupuncture.


He also likes to work with people who have anxiety and stress because he knows how relaxing acupuncture can be on the nervous system. He was trained in the NADA protocol, a special type of acupuncture used for people with post-traumatic stress. It can also be used for people with addictions and those looking to lose weight. Ironically, these symptoms all work on the same neural pathways in the brain!


Lastly, Andrew likes to explore a large unsettled territory of immune and autoimmune disorders that can cause some mighty strange symptoms in a patient.


Call, text, email, or stop by to schedule time and chat with Andrew.


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Treatment using ultra-fine, sterile, single-use needles. Provides relief from common issues like pain, anxiety, digestion, PMS, etc.

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Cups decompress muscle and skin tissue allowing fresh blood and nutrients to circulate beneath the surface. 

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Manual therapy can include any combination of massage, acupressure, stretching, joint rotation / traction, and fitness instruction.

Manual Therapy

What Andrew's patients

say about his treatments?

“I was blown away!...
Within one visit I was feeling better. By the second visit I was hooked! He used a new technique which provided
so much relief for my TMJ.” 
—  J.J.
“Crawled in, walked out.
Truly helped with my
lower back pain /
herniated discs.” 
—  A.P.
“I worked with Andrew for a
shoulder problem and
knee issueIt took several visits and I am happy to say they have been resolved.
Nice guy. Knowledgeable.” 
—  C.M.
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