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Who uses acupuncture?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

80% of the patients who enter my clinic are seeking my help for some sort of pain condition. The top 5 pain conditions by order of volume are in the Back, Head/Neck, Knee, Shoulder, and Wrist.

The remaining 15% of patients want to improve their mood (stress, anxiety, depression), energy (fatigue, asthma), sleep (insomnia, restlessness), and digestion (acid reflux, stomach upset, cramps).

The last 5% of patients have lifelong, chronic conditions, often autoimmune in nature, who experience little relief elsewhere, and use acupuncture as one of their alternative and last options.

After practicing years of acupuncture in the US and abroad, I’ve seen this medicine improve the symptoms in 80-90% of my patients with virtually zero side effects. Knowing this, my next post will try to answer why more people don’t use acupuncture.

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